Patio Ideas & Designing a Pergola

Pergola, Verandah and Patio Ideas and Designs

Select from a wide range of patio ideas and designs using our insulated roofing products for a variety of applications around the home that no only add value but encourage comfortable and healthy outdoor living for your family and friends.

Attached Skillion Patio

Available in SolarSpan® and InsulRoof®

For a quick, simple and cost effective addition to any home, an attached skillion patio roof will extend your living area, provide a multi-use carport, boat port or general cover area which will protect you and your most valuable possessions from the heat and cold. Your SolarSpan® patio designer and installer will be able to assist you design the perfect under cover area adding value to any outdoor area of your home.

SolarSpan Patio Type _Free Standing

Free Standing Patio

Available in SolarSpan® and InsulRoof®

A free standing patio design offers an oasis away from the home positioned in front of a pool or a cosy spot in the yard perfect for weekend gatherings, family events or regular outdoor dining. Your SolarSpan® patio designer and installer can offer a gable or skillion roof design for a free standing patio with a variety of exciting beam and post options to complement your home.

SolarSpan Patio Type _Free Standing

Fly Over Patio

Available in SolarSpan® and InsulRoof®

A fly over roof creates an impressive open living area with high ceilings for additional head room, air flow, day light and unrestricted views. Create architecturally pleasing roof lines to enhance your home and breathe new life into an existing deck or patio with new found space and added comfort all year round.

SolarSpan Patio Type _Flyover

Gable Patio

Available in SolarSpan® and InsulRoof®

Create a grand opening to your outdoor living area with a SolarSpan® gable roof whilst giving your patio additional height and ventilation of hot air. A variety of gable infill and beam options are available from your SolarSpan® patio designer and installer to deliver an exciting patio design.

SolarSpan Patio Type _Gable

Two Storey Patio

Available in SolarSpan® and InsulRoof®

Two storey homes with a large deck or verandah are perfect for a SolarSpan roof to extend the upstairs living area outdoors without obstructing scenic views and keeping your family cool and outdoors longer during social events.

SolarSpan Patio Type _Two Storey

Enclosed Areas

Available in SolarSpan® and InsulRoof®

Why not take your insulated patio one-step further and create an addition or extension to the home with an enclosed area. In addition to our insulated roof products, Bondor has developed a series of structural insulated wall panels and components that are used for fast and affordable construction of a sheltered entertainment room or bar, sun room, home office, kids play area or general home extension.

SolarSpan Patio Type _Enclosed

Boat Port

Available in SolarSpan® and InsulRoof®

Protect your car, boat, caravan, or RV under an insulated roof giving you a comfortable area to work, clean and play on your toys at any time of the day.

SolarSpan Patio Type _Boat Port

Granny Flats, Studio Homes, Home Office or Kid/Parent Retreats

Insulated Roofing available in SolarSpan® and InsulRoof®

Insulated Walling available in InsulWall®

Create a comfortable and quick to construct detached room or dwelling using Bondor insulated roofing on top of conventional timber framing or consider one of Bondor’s insulated walling products for fast and affordable construction.

SolarSpan Patio Type _Granny Flat