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AAMI Stadium - Adelaide. Equitilit®.

IKEA - Brisbane. Equitilt® FlameGuard®.


Bondor® has over 65 years of experience in the insulated panel industry and are part of the Metecno Group which is one of the largest innovators of insulated products in the world. Bondor® introduced insulated roofing to the Australian market over 20 years ago with SolarSpan® insulated roofing during Expo 88™. Bondor® has since led the Home Improvements industry and now produces SolarSpan® across Australia with the latest in computerised laminating, roll-forming and cutting machinery.


Bondor® stand-by SolarSpan® as the best quality insulated roof on the market and refuse to compromise on quality and your investment. SolarSpan® has been rigorously tested to Australian standards and for Australian conditions that’s why Bondor® take pride in the fact that SolarSpan® is a quality product manufactured using Australian made BlueScope® Steel every time. The SolarSpan® colour range ensures it is made tough for Australian conditions.


Bondor’s experience and quality assurance gives customers the confidence that they can enjoy their insulated roof for many years without concern.

SolarSpan’s 20 Year Written Warranty

Bondor® have been producing insulated panel for over 65 years and have such confidence in their product that they offer a 20 year written manufacturer’s warranty on the panel.