Commercial Insulated Roofing

Commercial Roofing – Insulated Panel Roof

SolarSpan® is a versatile insulated roof panel system providing thermal compliance and simplified installation techniques resulting in shorter install time frames and reduced congestion on today’s busy construction sites. A composite commercial roofing product suitable for retail & factory outlets, restaurant & liquor stores as well as educational facilities such as classrooms, gymnasiums, school halls & covered assembly areas.

SolarSpan® Insulated Panel Systems have revolutionised the commercial roofing industry by simplifying the design and installation process offering faster install times, reduced labour, reduced material components and structural mass as well as superior and flexible thermal performance.

Commercial Features & Benefits

Shorter construction time frames

Allows earlier occupation critical for retailers’ income streams.
Meet short construction windows often required for educational upgrades & additions.

Flexible thermal performance

By increasing panel thickness, thermal performance over and above current BCA requirements can be achieved.
Through improved thermal performance operational costs can be reduced throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Innovative multifunctional product

A single product providing roof cladding, insulation and a decorative ceiling lining.
Composite system is manufactured offsite and delivered for immediate installation. No multiple pallets or packs causing problems on today’s congested construction sites.

Large Roof Spans

Reduces costly structural components required by conventional roofing systems.
Allows substantial unsupported overhangs.

Composite Technology

Allowing fewer components and greater spanning performance.
Impact resistant and reduces noise transmission*
Roof and ceiling finishes are completed simultaneously
Fewer trade packages allowing a reduction in install time frames.

Superior thermal performance

Reduces heat transmission during warmer seasons.
Retains warmth during colder months.

Six designer COLORBOND® steel roof colours and two ceiling finish options

Giving you the choice and ability to blend with today’s modern textures and colour tones.

Quality materials

Warranted Bluescope® steel.
Expanded Polystyrene inner core is manufactured in-house to our strict specifications.

10 year Commercial warranty

Confidence and peace of mind when dealing with an Australian company that has over 65 years experience in insulated panel manufacturingbacked by a manufacturing warranty and BlueScope Warranty.


Flexible in design and application

Suitable for today’s contemporary construction techniques including low pitch applications.
Routed panel rebate for built in electrical services i.e. lighting, fans etc*

Low Maintenance

Long lasting, easy to clean and never requires painting.
Smooth surface finish prevents spiders and other insects from nesting.