True Beauty - in all it's forms

Available in two popular styles. Made for Australia.

Two Roof Profiles

Bondor® offer two different insulated roof product profiles that are selected based on a criteria of application, roof pitch, water carrying needs and aesthetics. SolarSpan® has a sleek modern trapezoidal rib 34mm high with wide pans, guaranteeing high water carrying capacity and great for low pitched roofs above 2 degrees. InsulRoof® has a popular curved corrugated profile with an industry leading 19mm high rib for better handling of rainfall and limited to roofing applications above a 5 degree roof slope.


Features & Benefits

• Perfect for low pitch flat patio roofs at 2 degrees
• Superior comfort with high performing insulation
• Genuine COLORBOND® steel roof and ceiling
•  Cyclonic use approved
• Long unsupported spans
• Quick and simple to install
• Guaranteed 20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Features & Benefits

•  Classic Corrugated profile
• Superior comfort with high performing insulation
• Genuine COLORBOND® steel roof and ceiling 
• Long unsupported spans
• Pre-finished ceiling underside
• Perfect for patios, pergolas and verandahs.
• Guaranteed 20 Year Warranty


9 COLORBOND® Steel Roof Colours

The SolarSpan® & InsulRoof® colour range has been rigorously tested and hand picked with the support of BlueScope Steel to offer roofing colours with the best thermal performance, made tough for Australian conditions.



NCC Solar Absorptance Rating

Light coloured roofing materials absorb less solar radiation, keeping cooler in hotter months than darker coloured roofing material. Selecting ‘Light’ colours as indicated above will ensure your insulated core is performing effectively all year round as one of the many benefits associated with light colour selection.

** Limited availability.
^ Darker colours warranted for use in limited regions. Check with your local SolarSpan® dealer for more information.

Ceiling COLORBOND® Finishes

Bondor’s ceiling finishes are designed to be low maintenance, unobtrusive and provide an aesthetically pleasing smooth ceiling-like finish .
Both the Plain and VJ ceiling finishes will complement any outdoor entertaining area.

Interior Ceiling COLORBOND® Colour with 20-50% more COLORBOND® Steel


Our pre-finished ceiling underside has been carefully selected from over 65 years of manufacturing experience. We use 0.6mm genuine COLORBOND® steel manufactured by BlueScope in Australia to withstand our harsh conditions and provide the smoothest underside on the market with a rigid underside that has 20-50% more steel  than other products. Pre-finished with a Next Generation COLORBOND® steel coating of either Surfmist® (Off White) or Classic Cream™*, we achieve our renowned high quality interior ceiling appearance for your outdoor or indoor living area.

* Check for availability.

The Advantages of SolarSpan® & InsulRoof® Insulated Roofing



SolarSpan’s high performing polystyrene core provides efficient, long-lasting insulation and comfort below.

Saves Money,
Adds Value

The simple, quick, modular design reduces build time and therefore the cost. SolarSpan® and InsulRoof® is an affordable way to breathe new life into your outdoor area and add value to your home.



The high performing polystyrene core helps to reduce noise from rain and hail.


COLORBOND® steel roof and ceiling gives a long-lasting, easy to clean finish.

Walking on

Unlike a single skin patio roof, SolarSpan’s strength allows owners to walk on it for maintenance and to retrieve the occasional lost ball.


No rafters and battens are required.

Strong and

Two layers of steel laminated to high performing polystyrene core provides strength and durability.

Guaranteed 20 year

SolarSpan® and InsulRoof® provides you with piece of mind offering a 20 year written warranty on your panel.


SolarSpan® is used for patios, enclosed extensions, carports and for a variety of other shaded structures.


Day or Night, Winter or Summer, be comfortable all year round with an insulated outdoor living area.